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Lords of the Beyond

These words are from a man we will call Gabori Veldor to unsure his safety; as the Burning Waters Gang of the lower piers have been as quoted by Mr. Veldor “Weeding out the weak ones” when they heard about people (me) asking questions. He forgoing his own safety has been one of the only one that has chosen to speak with me.

Mr. Veldor is a former employee of the former docking gaint Franklin Dock Company; now Dester Docking which runs docks 3, 8, 5 and half of dock 12 in the City of Piers. For those afraid this will be used to help identify Mr. Veldor, that is about 800 workers and we both agree it would be impossible to find him based off this information. Mr. Veldor was also present on the 2nd Victory-day of the 12th month of the 12th Year of Aldun; the day Dester Docking officially took over all procedures of the aforementioned docks.

Disclaimer: The formatting, language and spelling of this article has been chosen to give a better impression of Mr. Veldor’s views.

The Interview.

The former employees of Dester Docking have started to be laid off at a rapid rate in the last few months, but many of those I have spoken with say that it started many years before Dester took control of the dock procedures. What is your recalling?
“I think it been bout five years now. Gods, has it really been that long? I guess you lose track of days quickly in times like this. This bottle of fermented salt-wine is all that keeps me up anymore, ha, ha, ha! I…(at this point Mr. Veldor takes a drink of the salt-wine; followed by a violent coughing fit that takes him many minutes to recover from.) Y-yeah, keeps me good and healthy Ha, ha, ha!


Don’t write that last part.
“Ok, now let’s try this again you drunk! Peter will give you your bottle back; plus another once you answer all my questions. Ok? Good. Now Mister Gregly Veldo. Wait, Peter did you just write all that? Peter! Peter! “
“Peter did you just write your response?”
“No. I am just writing everything like the good master said.”

At this point I let out a long scream and walked over to Peter; while mumbling curses. I shouted “ ED: Program:Q78///////////// Reboot Complete”

Command issued: Write everything you hear;

the only acceptation to. oh gods you are still writing it all. Ok, when I

////Secondary ears enabled.////

like this stop writing.

Command issued: When I like this stop writing.

Current State: Smiling and Polite
“Test! Peter when my hand is like this you needs to write!”
“Last Time, write”
“Good, I think you got it finally!” I have got to keep my eye on this drunk; I think he is trying to steal out of my bag.”
Note: The word write seems to make the master upset; however, the word stop seems to soothe him. I shall file this information away so that Peter may ask after his wellbeing at another time.

The rest of the interview master was smiling and polite. He stopped once to confirm that Peter was flowing orders as give. Peter reassured master that Peter was writing as instructed.

“Gods, I am glad he is gone. What did that take? Two hours! Wow! Well, let’s see the notes. Peter? Why are you writing this down? “No!”

A long scream ensued that Peter feared. Master cries in the corner. During this turn of events Peter feels he must discontinue the last command issued to see to the master.

Lords of the Beyond.